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Accreditation Facilitation

The Challenge:

Your museum is successful, but how do you know for sure? Your board or governing authority wants to know if you are implementing best practices, meeting museum industry standards and how you determine performance excellence. You think you are doing these things, but what tools do you use to know for sure? What areas might you need to improve? And where do you find the time?

Our Solution:

Embark on the American Alliance of Museum’s Accreditation process. The continuum of excellence as outlined by AAM allows museums to start where they are and build towards Accreditation. Each step helps a museum understand where they are succeeding and where they can improve.

Our Example:

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery believed it was operating at a performance excellence level and decided that going through the AAM accreditation process would verify their strengths, be a mark of distinction for the organization, and also help identify areas for improvement. Ultimately, accreditation would be a high-profile, peer-based validation of FCMoD ‘s operations and impact and increase the museum’s credibility and value to funders, policy makers, governing authorities, community and peers.

Stilwell Cultural Consulting was hired to facilitate the accreditation process for FCMoD, from evaluating the professionalism of core documents against AAM’s museum standards and requirements to completing the self-study through consultation with key staff. Facilitation included communication with AAM, review and revisions to core documents, completing the in-depth self-study, and organizing the site-visit. In October 2018, FCMoD was awarded Accreditation by AAM.