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City of Fort Collins: Downtown Plan

The Challenge:

Your city, county or governmental planning department creates planning documents of all kinds to help guide the future. You understand that arts and culture is what makes your community unique and stand out. Arts and culture increases vibrancy and vitality in downtowns and neighborhoods and is an incredible, authentic placemaking tool. But you don’t have an arts and culture specialist on your planning team who can bring expertise on how arts and culture can support planning efforts and tap into the creative community.

The Solution:

Hire an arts and culture specialist who can be embedded with your planning team and ensure arts and culture is supporting the success of the development plan.

The Example:

The City of Fort Collins Planning Department was revising their Downtown Plan that hadn’t been updated for a generation. They knew arts and culture was critical to the plan as downtown was already identified as an arts and culture hub. But they didn’t have the arts and culture expertise on their team.

Stilwell Cultural Consulting came onboard to provide expertise to the Arts and Culture section of the Downtown Plan, including creative sector research and data, identifying key issues with input from stakeholders and staff, drafting principles and policies, crafting a vision statement, and working with a local artist to create an artful ecosystem diagram.

City Council adopted the full Downtown Plan in March of 2017.