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City of Loveland

Loveland Museum/Gallery
Expansion Case Statement

The Challenge:

You need to expand your cultural facility or secure more resources for your programs, performances or exhibits. You need to convince your board, city council, key stakeholders or funders why this is critical for your organization’s success.

Our Solution:

Develop a case statement based in research and data that expresses the needs of your organization in a simple, easy to understand way.

A Quick Example:

The Loveland Museum/Gallery has outgrown its facility.

The team knows they need to expand but they need to get City Council, key stakeholders and potential donors onboard.  They interviewed stakeholders and held a community open house about what the expansion could include. Now they have a pile of sticky notes and aren’t quite sure what to do with it.

That's where Stilwell Cultural Consulting came in.

We crafted a case statement for the expansion.

This included:

  • analyzing stakeholder and public input,
  • developing key themes and data points,
  • outlining the value proposition for the expansion,
  • and reviewing and synthesizing other key planning documents that could support expansion.

The case statement explains the need for expansion and becomes a tool for expressing this need to the organization’s leadership, donors, and the public. It also serves as a template for fundraising and budget justification.