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Butler University

Butler Arts Center Mission and Values Facilitation

The Challenge:

Your organization recently underwent a major reorganization bringing staff and programs together that either have not worked with each other before or roles and responsibilities have changed significantly. The focus thus far has been on implementing the change and staff feels disoriented and somewhat left behind.

Our Solution:

Bring the new team (or newly reorganized team) together to acknowledge the past and the change that is happening, consciously move forward together, and develop shared values and even a new mission statement that represents the new formation or path of the organization.

Our Example:

Butler University decided to bring their four performance venues under one umbrella as the Butler Arts Center. The new Executive Director was charged with restructuring the four separate departments into one, creating alignment in strategy and rebranding the new entity. Things were moving fast, with staff thrust into new roles and working with new people, some of whom they used to consider competitors.

Stilwell Cultural Consulting facilitated a day-long retreat with the Butler Arts Center team. Pre-work was completed ahead of the retreat to allow more collaboration and team connection during the retreat itself. The team completed a history exercise to acknowledge the past and prepare for moving forward. The team also developed shared values and a new mission statement that represented the newly consolidated organization that everyone could get behind.